Social Insurance Contributions and rates

The rate of Social insurance contributions is applied to a maximum level of emoluments. The maximum level of emoluments for 2017 (as with 2016 and 2015) is €54.396 (weekly €1.046/monthly €4.533).
The rate of 7,8% applies for both the employer and the employee up to 31 December 2018.
Other employer’s contributions
The employer makes the following other contributions based on employee’s emoluments:
Social cohesion fund               2,0*
Redundancy fund                    1,2**
Industrial training fund              0,5**
Holiday fund (if not exempt)      8,0**
* Social cohesion fund is calculated on total emoluments and has no maximum level
** Restricted to the maximum level of emoluments as with the social insurance contributions
The contributions of self-employed persons are 14,6% of their income. The amount of the contributions is subject to a lower and a maximum limit, depending on the profession or trade of the Self- Employed Person. These limits are set on an annual basis.